20 Apr 2019

I made my plans for a DIY solar install, a huge list of equipment and tools (consumables) that I would need for the install during the past two weeks.

As D-day arrived the following Saturday morning I took a quick shower, dressed; ready for Chamberlains and Builders Warehouse I took to the streets, now I have to say that when going to Builders I park on the far left side of the entrance as I don’t like to park in overcrowded area’s as people normally bump their car doors into mine and that is not nice, so as per normal I got my usual parking spot, list in hand I braved the masses in builders.

As I started walking between the rows, trolley and list in hand marking the items I gathered, I noticed this fine sexy hot looking brunette, brown eyes, figure 8 body in a short blueish dress standing around in the electrical aisle. She seemed to be lost in her hunt for something. She looked around and saw me looking at her, she gave a smile and I smiled back right at her, locking my eyes with hers, that’s when I decided to ask her if I could assist her in some way. “Good Morning, Johny here” putting my hand forward and she did the same, as we were about to touch, I could feel her warmth, and then that static spark as we actually touched. She tried to pull her hand away but I firmly held onto her hand and said “I don’t normally have that effect on woman, only the pretty ones” and that was that, ice was broken.

She explained that her husband send her to pick up some things for him at builders while he is busy with doing a DIY install at home, but she is too afraid to call him again to ask more info as he was already pretty upset with the fact that his plans are not working out as he hoped it would be, hence the reason why she is here and not him.

As we walked, I helped her with her list of items as I got mine, cracking a joke here and there we ended up at the tills.

That all familiar “number 9” “number 10” was called out. I let her walk first, and boy oh boy my eyes dropped and looked for the last time at that sexy tight ass under that dress knowing that I might not see that again, she walked to 9 and I took 10, she kept looking at me and smiled.

After paying we walked out and I took a chance and offered to help load the stuff in her car, she accepted with a nod which was not a lot but the gesture was made, and the subtle remark “I am a great handy man you now, hands aren’t afraid to work big nor small jobs”

Anna asked where did I parked and I indicated to the far end close to the entrance, we said our good byes and I started to push my trolley to the far end as she pulled into next to me asking if I was ok, and I mentioned that I never say no to some help as many hand make the work lighter. She agreed and parked next to my bakkie as I opened the cab she brushed passed me making me get the smell of her perfume and the feel of her sexy ass against me made my heart skip a couple of beats and I told her that she must not do that again as my heart won’t hold it being teased. Anna giggled out loud and said “who said I am teasing”.

I told her to get into my bakkie, as I opened the front door for her, as I climbed into my side, looking her square into her eyes, my hands pulled my track suite down to my knees revealing my semi hard erection.

Anna was flushed, looking at my clean shaved cock I could see that she did not expect this at all, and wavered. I quickly took her hand and placed it on my cock and told her to play with me. She did just that looking nervously around the parking area to see if someone was watching or close by, I told her she did not need to worry about that as my cock grew harder and harder in her small soft hand. I ran my hand up her leg pushing the dress away, she stopped me as I was about to touch her pussy, saying that she’s not ready to go that far……….

After saying that and obeying her she kept on stroking my rock-hard cock, pre-cum started to come out and I asked her if she like it, “Yes I like it very much” she replied and that I was nice thick and big. Telling her that “I never had any complaint as yet, why don’t you go ahead and lick it”, not wasting any time Anna bend over and took me into her mouth, OMG it felt so great, her warm mouth over my cool head, it did not take long for me too shoot my load into her mouth as she swallowed every last drop of hot jizzzzzz I had to offer.

As Anna came up, I kissed her deeply tasting my own cum in her mouth and she loved it, as her hubby doesn’t love sharing his taste which I told her I love it too.

We said our good byes yet again and this was not the last time I can promise you that we will meet again as she told me; she would be back next Sunday at 9.

So please men do ask your lovely wives to do your DIY shopping on your behalf, I will be waiting for them.

PS: I never made it to Chamberlain’s