07 Sep 2015

We have received hundreds of messages from single guys on the website and I sometimes wonder what guys are thinking when they send us these one liners.....so today I decided to respond and thought this might assist other single guys.

Dear "Single Guy",

I would normally not waste my time to reply to an message like yours but today is your lucky day.

First of all most couples enjoy playing with single men every now and then but after three years on this site and replying to at least 100 guys like yourself we have been unable to find one single guy to play with !!!

Single men like yourself are responsible for their own "image" on this and other similar websites. Now I am sure you have this frown on your face, wondering innocently what could I possible be talking about ? So to make it real to you I will use your profile and message as an example.

1) As a couple we have at least 20 public pictures to give you an idea of what you can expect. How many do you have ???? Zero

2) We have a detailed profile explaining our likes and dislikes to assist others interested in us so see and understand who we are and what we are looking for. How detailed is your profile ?????

3) Your message comes across as this "poor victim single guy" that wants pity from us. You give no reason why we should respond ??? You refer us to your profile to decide if we should respond to you or not.....but there is no public picture or description of what we can expect ???

So why the Fu#**K should we contact you ???

I hope these few point would assist you in your future endeavors.