28 Jun 2019

He roughly grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the door. My breath escaped my lips as he forced his tongue into my mouth.

“I am going to make you squirt.” It sounded like a threat. I knew he would though. The wetness was already building in my pussy. I had told him I like it rough. He was giving me what I needed.

He put his hand around my throat. The other reached up my dress. No panties.

“Good girl”, he growled in my ear. His fingers found my clit and rubbed it hard. Then they were inside me. Fucking my wet pussy. I moaned and writhed against them. Wanting. Needing. Then I felt the surge. I was going to cum. The pressure was building. I clenched onto his fingers as the wave hit. My juices flowing out of me, wetting his hand and running down my thighs.

“I am not done with you.” He pulled my dress up over my head. Unclipped my bra. I was standing, naked. He looked at me with pure lust. Something in my womb spasmed.

Suddenly his clothes were off. He was kneeling in front of me. Parting my lips, he gave my clit a sensual, hard lick. My body shuddered. His tongue was moving all over. Licking up my wetness. Oh fuck! I tried desperately to grab hold of the wall.

He lifted my leg onto his shoulder. Once again his fingers were inside me. My juices came gushing out of me. Onto his face and torso. He did not stop. I had the most intense orgasm ever.

He stood up. Grabbed a towel to dry himself, then turned me around and threw me on the bed. He was on me then. Pressing his hard cock against my ass.

“I am going to fuck you now. Hard and deep,” he rasped into my ear.

No time to breathe. He was in me. Doing exactly what he had said he would.