Written by Ian_McHerbe

15 Jan 2015

Its a been more than a month now that Christa or Carrey < - Dude with a chicks name , have not heard back from any guys from logistics. No cameras are not here... all the lighting they brought along are wet...and unausable...Unless theres a pre-meditated murder planned.

The writers are impatient. And the three russian's whose funding this "business project" as the legitimate venture it is. Have also had their panties in 'n twist..

Carrey (or pronounced Kerrie as in Afr word for curry) had no credit left... a shitty situation. Christa...responsible for the marketing and HR related issues...had her reputation hang in the balance.

"Three models already walked out on the project...why is your department not working woman?"

She smirks..."Departments....Departments?! This thing has been a risk and a very uncalculated one at that...You stupid stupid man. You wanna know why my "Departments" fucked? You creep these women out....You should let ME have done the talking." I mean...not like y....you are a "It puts the lotion on its skin" creepy.


Fast Forward ahead in time

____________ Today

Hardus Mieliekamp is a South African national monument, a treasure...worth his weight in gold..."wheres chick norris you asked" well truth is ...he's still recovering from the anal Hardus made him do after losing a bet...Thats right this dude....is the shits...But how did he become one of the legends to be mentioned when we talk of legends in S.A?

He knew he was the big dick...he did.. and he really did ...have the biggest cock...Likely to see in a pair of Mitre Rugbyshorts. or a RED boardshort.

After a change name from Carrey -> Hardus he experienced far better success in the pornography film and print industry...after salvaging what he could from a previous business gone wrong "Tiete Produksies" he rose from the ashes and rebuilt his empire....naming it. Velvet PhoenixElite -adult film and print.

He was present and reported actual matters of everyday topics and news ...in his own way.....

"It is with great honor that we announce Hardus as the South African of the Year.

*the event attendees lose their shit! Its vuvuzelas and whipcracking !

The spoitlight falls to the back left corner...and standing up...you get to witness a testsament of natureal superiority well only physically that is...inside the brain its opening hours arent exactly clear (die dude is shit stupid)

Smooooth like a cat on its way to go sort some pussy out...With a "denzel washington walk"

The black hair is very Eastern European Chick...and smells like a typical bouquet of flowers. The ladies have a hard time keeping the applause going due to their hands not making it exactly everytime. And you can bet the men arent going to applaud...

He walks up the stair and you catch a glimpse of the double stiched multiu layer cotton socks he supposedly had flown in from Rome Italy...that were blessed by the pope.the article made FHM news.

Gods gift to the porn industry..a specimen like no other . Unmatched.

He is handed the SAof the year award by Tiffany, The latest model for Playtex SA...She has been fucked by him mere minutes ago...perhaps the last crusade before he was awarded a distinction...top of the chieftens pole.

He thinks back to one hit Sunday afternoon...when three russian loan sharks were trying to find him and fuck him....no kidding...they wanted break bones possibly cut his tongue off.

a day he Vouched never to touch be active in the porno industry