03 Jun 2019

If you are here, some curiosity and need has become apparent in you. And you have acted on that

We grow up largey in a schizophrenic and contradictive society. Significance seems more important than love. Self gratification too. Many of us grew up in traditional homes where a patriachal male model favoured profut and power over people and purpose. Religion laid down behaviour and consequence. And so inherited a set of masks we present the world. At the same time we can connect to anyone and have and be anything(as long as its acceptable). We are more connected and yet more lonely, depressed and anxious than every before. And its Gen Z that are the loneliest. At the highest level we have corrupt leaders who set self interested models. Its easier to date mate and hookup than ever before yet we are having les sex all the while 1 in 3 women will be beaten raped or abused in her lifetime

And amongst this madness, you are curious...

So for many of you youll open a profile. Maybe post a pic. Say little and be a voyeur looking for titilation. Into everything and commited to little. Though for some of you youll want more. Driven by your craving. Your desperation. Your inner understanding that somehow you belong here or want to

I wish you all the best andthat your path may be blessed by kind and empowered folks and you will find your way.

Some points worth saying:

Understand that you cannot unsee what you see. And here its hard to close a door especially if it triggers your inner psyche

Once you have tasted something it is part of you and denying that may not work

So be sure you are prepared to accept the change in your life what ever that may be, and that it likely will influence your vanilla choices in life. When you pick up a stick on one end you pick up the other end too.

Be careful to only choose with your eyes and know that wgen you are vulnerable for example in deep submission, you are malleable. Entrainment is deepest when you are open and feel safe and trust. So make sure what your eyes and hormones say are matched by common sense and simple evidence like integrity, accountabilury and the ability to reflect.

Fantasy is fantasy. Few will acknowledge reality. What is. Many want its dream few will do and be it.

Be kind to yourself.

Take care of yourself, kink or not

And here in this 2D medium where people can be anything, many are learning like you. Exploring like you. Often feeling marginalised. Many with past trauma. People are doing there best even if its terrible. So speak for yourself and give people a chance. Find tolerance for others even if you do not choose them. Live and let live.

People will show you who they are.

Respect boundaries even when you are in desperate heat

And know the difference between creating connections in the present from the past and creating the future from the present.

Take care