02 Jun 2019

Well I want to be invited to a room, i knock, when I open the door its dark inside the room, only 3 candles burning, i get pushed against the door forcefully get greeted with a kiss, get turned around and masked, i then get led to a chair where I am said not to move or make a sound in a whisper. A drink end up in my hand and Im told to drink slowly. Its champagne, I hear things going on around me but cannot place it as its alot of shuffles and movements. I down my drink to calm my nerves. My glass get taken from my hand and I get pulled up from the chair, pressed against a bare chest and kissed till I am out of breath. While catching my breath my hands are rubbed over his chest, tummy and stops just before the groin area, but I can feel he is hard. My hands are lifted over my head and my dress get pulled off over. I try to cover up but get told to keep my hands up. I hear him moving around wondering what he is doing.... Then it goes totally quiet... Suddenly he is behind me. His rock hard cock pressing against my butt his hands cupping my breast, butterfly kisses in my neck, hands reaching down to my pussy, playing with the curly hair, pulling it gently before moving his arms back up my body up to my arms turning me around facing him blindfold still on aching to be touched, start to say something but his places his fingers over my lips, not allowed to talk. I feel his warm breath all over my body, his tongue flicks my nipple and I inhale sharply and then he starts to blow my wet nipple. The sensation gives me goosebumps. He tells me to spread my legs, I dont to tease more. He tells me again to spread my legs, I spread it a little. Spread more he says.... I do, my arms are getting lame so I fold it over my chest.... My pussy very wet and wanting.... My lips and throat are dry.... I feel him moving close to me looking at me from all angles. I am blushing, hot and bothered. He puts his finger in my mouth, first 1 then 2. He pushes it in and out to make sure its wet. He takes his fingers and finds his way to my warm, wet and waiting pussy, slidung his fingers in as far as it could go and then nothing he is teasing me... Oh my word I want him al of him. I reach out to touch him, he is not there..... I turn around he instructs me to stop moving.... My hands move over my tummy heading down to my pussy but he stops me I cannot touch myself I let out a groan.... His fingers are in my mouth again I taste myself on his fingers.... I am going insane.... I want more.... He takes me by the hand and pulls me to follow him, I wish I can take my blindfold off, he leads me to the bed, he sits me down, push me down to lay on the bed and put my legs on the bed. He then moves around and pulls me down to the edge. He pushes my legs up feet flat on the bed. He spreads my legs open I feel his hands going up my legs over my tummy down to my pussy.... I feel him moving the hair away to expose my very wet wanting pussy, he blows on my pussy sending shivers down my spine, me aching for him to do something, anything.... He then gives me a lick like you would an incre cream, I hear him going hmmmm and I want more, his toungue is warm and forceful licking me over and over.... I feel his hands move.... His fingers finds their way inside me while he is still licking continuously followed by a some sucking his fingers fucking me to a rhythm.  My hands is all over my breast rubbing my nipples, moving down to his head pushing his head down harder into my pussy. I lift my hips up to grind into him but he stops me, says Im a bad girl I don't listen and needs to be punished. He orders me on all fours. I barely get to position and he is behind me his thick hard cock filling me totally. I feel his balls slapping my ass. He is riding me hard..... He shove his cock so hard into my pussy I let out a groan he fucks me harder and harder and faster and faster. I am very close to climax.... Can feel he is as well... He grips my hips hard and I know here it comes. Few final pushes and I climax, so does he, i feel him filling my pussy with his juices..... We keep in the position for a few minutes before he pulls out and turn my over. Kisses me on the lips and then take off the blindfold to look me in the eye with a satisfied naughty smile