09 Jul 2019

Fuck my life

Studying and working to survive hahaha,

Anyway there we are, 2 dude's and 1 girl working together in retail she's he's fiancee

They have a kid and they extremely happy as a couple.

She needs to get some sort of certificate from a government office as she's being interviewed for a new better position.

He asks me to drive her and he will pay the fuel bill... I suggest he takes my car and then takes he's girl.

He disagrees and insists I take her, I object somewhat anyway our manager approaches me and said. He said it was cool if I took her and to go.

We leave and begin driving to the cbd... standing at a traffic light she looks over at me intensely, I try my best to ignore her advances and at the next robot I ask what's wrong.. with a smile and maybe a giggle...

Before I even blinked again boom!! she's over the gear leaver and on top on me, her mouth meets my lips and we begin kissing intensely at the intersection... car's not even hooting just passing around us.., anyway we travel into the cbd. I park the car and here we are kissing and feeling each other up in the elevator/lift. Now it's like we can't keep our hands off each other..

On the drive back she informs me that she's messaged her Fiance and our manager, telling them how busy the place is and to excuse us for being late and maybe not being able to return to work.

She asks me to drive her home, to the apartment the couple share. I obliege but know I can't go inside if she asks me in.....

That thought didn't even vanish as she rubbed my cock HOT on the drive and asks me in as we arrived.

I parked and followed her into there apartment, not even closing the door properly as we couldn't keep our bodies off each other.

She reaches for some protection, slips it over my dick after my cock was pulsating and dripping wet, hot pre cum leaking from my penis. She drops down sucking the next batch before it falls to the ground... then slipping a condom onto my hard cock begging me to take her extremely wet pussy.

I push a finger into her cunt to see what I'm going to be woring with.., I feel and £u©k my life it's so tight I can't believe she has kid's... my dick throbbing to be inside her, I split her pussy walls with my dick and faaaark this feels amazing... wait you can't.. she got a kid and shes engadged... she pulls me in and begins moving her hips oh my this feels amazing, I begin fucking her back... back forth/back forth.. nervous to the idea off what if he comes home.. what if the kid arrives... I fuck her so hard, I shiver as she climax's then me also at the very same time... oh my soul, I haven't cum that well ever.... she cleans up and so do I.

Walking down the passage and into the lobby we discover that the front door is open....

Oh dear was he home

Has the kid arrived

What's happening

Nervously we check around and discover in the heat of it all. We didn't close the door and the neighbours that where home probably heard all the sucking and fucking +our intense moaning.