08 Jun 2019

We met a single guy Rod at a friend's party one Saturday night; he is 6' tall, well built and good looking, early 50’s. We enjoyed his company and Ann liked him. He gave me his phone number and said if we keen to get together again for a BBQ or drinks, he's available any time, as he was divorced. I asked Ann what she thinks of him, Ann replied; he's OK. I could see that Ann liked him. One Sunday about 10 that morning, Ann and I were sitting outside by the pool area, it was a very hot day, Ann removed all her clothes and dived in the pool naked, and I removed all my clothes and joined her in the pool. Ann was very horny as she gave me a blow job in the pool. I wanted to fuck her in the pool and she said no, let's keep it for later. Ann got out the pool and went inside, she returned with only a pull-over dress on, no panty or bra. Ann suggested that we have some drinks and BBQ that afternoon. I suggested to her that we invite Rod over to join us, and she agreed. Rod arrived just after 4 that afternoon, we had drinks and BBQ, Ann was all over Rod, he not sure what to do, as it was his first time with us. Rod and I BBQ'd and I told Rod that it is fine with me; he must relax and play with Ann as she is very horny. Rod and I were by the Jacuzzi chatting, Ann joined us with a drink in her hand, Rod was still very nervous, I gave Ann my glass to hold in her other hand; she was standing there with a glass in both hands. I went behind Ann, I lifted her dress up, above her shoulders, Rod, just stood there, looking at Ann's body, tits and pussy. Rod put his drink down, started sucking her tits; one hand was playing with her pussy. This was so horny for Rod; he dropped his pants, removed his shirt, took both drinks from Ann and placed them on the Jacuzzi, and removed Ann’s dress, Rod had an average size cock, turned Ann around and started fucking her doggie style. I dropped my pants; Ann was giving me a blow job, taking my cock deep in her mouth and throat. Rod fucked her hard, pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Ann's back. I turned Ann around and fucked her hard and fast doggy, shot my load into her pussy.

We've been having a threesome with Rod for the past 6 months; we like to have a steady NSA long, steady and clean relationship with a single guy that knows how to use his cock and that I can call him at anytime for a threesome and to please Ann. We are still looking for a single Indian lady for me, as I like Indian girls. Ann is okay with this as she knows I like Indian girls. Last week Rod told us that he was going overseas to visit his eldest daughter for a month.

Last night Ann told me to invite Rod around for drinks as he was leaving on Friday, which I did. Rod arrived just after 6 pm, took his jacket off, we sat in the TV room watching TV, Ann and I already had drinks, Ann told me to get Rod a drink, which I did, Ann then told me to get our snack out of the oven and bring them here with a side table, which I did, we had a bit to eat, Ann told me to get us more drinks, which I did, Ann then told me to take the plate with the left over snacks to the kitchen and put the side table in the lounge, which I did, I heard her telling Rod to take off her dress and suck her tits, Ann then told Rod to take off his clothes, which he did. Ann told Rod to muff her, I returned with the drinks and sat down on the right side of Ann and Rod was muffing her. Ann told Rod to suck her clit into his mouth hard, and told me to suck her nipples hard and her tits. Rod got up and sat on her left side. Ann placed her left leg on Rod’s right knee and spread her legs, her right leg was over my left knee, Ann told Rod to finger fuck her, Rod then finger fucked Ann, rubbing her clit again, Ann cried out loud with orgasmic sound, having multiple orgasms and squirted all over the floor. Ann told me to remove my clothes, which I did, I sat down next to Ann, Ann grabbed my cock with her right hand, and Rod's cock with her left hand. Ann was moving her hand up and down our shafts. Ann bent over and started giving me a blow job, Ann still had Rod's cock in her hand, moving her hand up and down his shaft. Ann turned, giving Rod a blow job, Ann turned several times giving us blow jobs. Ann told me to get us more drinks, which I did. When I returned Ann was standing in front of Rod, giving him a blow job with her bum in the air. I put the drinks down, stood behind Ann, spread her legs, pushed my hard cock into her pussy, she was so wet it just slid in. I fucked her slowly and deep strokes, I fucked her for a good while, pulled out and sat down. Ann turned to me, taking my cock into her mouth, sucking my cock deep. Ann told Rod to doggy fuck her, so Rod got up, spread Ann’s legs wide open, and pushed his cock into Ann's pussy, hands on her hips, pulling her hard, fucking her deep. Ann told Rod to fuck her harder and deeper, which Rod did. Ann then told Rod to come and sit next to her and catch his breath, so Rod pulled out, and sat down next to Ann. Ann told me to get more drinks, which I did. Ann then told me to get some towels and clean the floor as it's wet, which I did. On my return Rod was sitting on the couch, Ann was on top of him, had his cock in her right hand, rubbing his cock head against her pussy lips. Ann went down, pushing Rod’s cock into her pussy, fucking him hard and fast with her tits in Rod's mouth and face. I sat down next to Ann, watching her fuck Rod, and it was so amazing watching Ann being pleasured by another cock. Ann got off of Rod's cock, straight on to mine. She fucked me hard and fast, told Rod to get on the couch next to me, his cock was next to my face. Ann took his cock into her mouth, sucking it deep and hard, I could hear Ann gasping for air. Ann was fucking me hard and fast, I could not hold it, I shot my load into her pussy. Rod sat down, Ann climbed off me, sitting down, catching her breath. Finished her drink, told me to get more drinks, which I did. On my return Ann and Rod had gone to the spare bedroom, Ann called out - bring our drinks to the bedroom, which I did. When I entered the bedroom, Rod was on top of Ann, her legs were on his shoulders, Ann told me to stay in the bedroom, which I did. I sat on the massage bed watching. Rod was fucking her hard and fast. Ann told Rod not to come yet, he needed to wait for her, Rod dropped her legs, fucking her hard and fast. Ann cried out - go Rod, I coming, I’m coming. Rod fucked her fast and hard, Rod shouted out loud, I'm coming. Ann shouted, me too, faster Rod, faster. Rod shot his load into Ann's pussy. Rod rolled over, Ann and Rod was exhausted. Ann told me to join them on the bed. We laid and chatted for a while, Ann got up and told Rod to have a shower and he must have coffee before he leaves. Rod left, Ann was in the shower when I returned to the bed. I showered after Ann. I got into the bed, Ann was a sleep already. I laid there thinking - Ann took total control and satisfied her needs. I cannot explain to anyone what it’s about, unless you have experienced it, watching your wife being satisfied and taking control her needs.