Glory Hole

I think that a glory hole location/s could be great fun, perhaps it falls under the dogging catergory. I would love to have a total stranger (wife) give me a blowjob on the other side of the wall ( a wife ) that is. I presume the best place for something like that is at swinging club. I even think that this senario could be created at ones home. Get your local carpenter to make a dry wall for you with three or four holes. Then invite your local carpenter over. The un trained eye will never suspect what you are up to with your wife and her girl friends on a Friday night. Have two or three or more wives who would like to give anonymous head at the glory holes and then hand pic the gents they'd like to taste, or even they may prefer not to know who they are pleasuring? I would like to hear any ones thoughts on this. Selek

That is an excellent idea. Just do it, invite friends over for a party and get the ball rolling. Once the people are there then the fun can start.

this would be amazing surely there must be some sex shops or clubs or something that have these? have heard adultworld has them, but think thats a guys only spot also heard about public toilets at different shopping centres etc. definitely one of my fantasies!


ive done it at adult world.... was great not knowing who is sucking on your cock... would love to know what shopping centres toilets have this too!

I have been curious and looking for glory hole spot for some time now. The concept trns me on. TI just want to make sure that it wouls be a spot wit a female. Not in to the m2m stuff at all. Please let me know if you hear of any spots

Adult world

Does all adult worlds have glory holes?

Glory holes

The shopping center in in strand has a glory hole that is active,I once got a woman in the toilets but she was so drunk that I thought discretion was the better part of valour in this particular instance so I gapped it out of there, i have had two incidents at adult world in somerset west with couples,but got pickpocketed by the women while she was blowing me,but the other incident was damn fine,The adult world in somerset west has since changed there are no more gloryholes,they have tried to make it respectable but have lost a lot of customers I suspect.... the cape town adult world also has gloryholes but never had any decent female action there.there is a adult world in montagu gardens also has gloryholes,but have had no woman action there. There are public toilets at blouberg beach which is mainly male action if you are into watching men jerk off this is the spot for you they just sit in their cars and wank quite kinky ( I enjoy it), but if you drive further out towards vissers hok there are parking areas with wooden walkways,that is a good dogging spot at night,cant vouch for the safety though I have never had any bad incidents there but it is just fucking dark

Gauteng glory holes?

Nice report of GH in your area? Any holes (with active ladies) in the Gauteng area? Please share with us!


There is a very nice sexshop in midrand with clean video booths and glory holes the place is called sexplicit and its in the same road as galager estate just in the complex south.

Adult Shop

I heared the new adult shop in Midrand has glory holes, anyone can confirm?

Just a question

Everyone is looking for a female on the other side, doubtfull and what is the differance who is doing the sucking, you dont see it anyway Never had the experiance but if I see a hole and know it is safe I will stick my cock through Any holes in the Vaal area

JHB area

Hi, does anyone know of a place in the Jhb area that has a GH?

holes in durab

Does anybody know of gory holes in durban or the south coast, as I would love to experiance this.

Re: holes in durab

Quote by sixtynine
Does anybody know of gory holes in durban or the south coast, as I would love to experiance this.

Try one of your local sex shops, they might have holes in their rooms.

hi there

that sounds like a great idea , fantastic i'm in


Sixtynine I hope I am on the other side when you stick that through

glory hole greenside emmarentia

hi all i heard that there is a glory hole or holes somewhere in greenside emmarentia area i heard that guys are charged R50 to use the facility but hey no one has been able to confirm does anyone have more info on this. Regards Joe

anything in randburg? I'd love to suck lots of anonymous cock

Glory Holes at home.

A safe way to do the glory hole thing is for those couples who fantasies about having their wife on the other side of the hole and inviting couples and the sexy single guys to receive anonymous head at your house. You could at least see their profile but once you appear for your glory hole fun she could remain hidden behind the wall and you both can enjoy your fantasy. Even at adult parties, I have seen armature porn where there is a curtained cubical where guys stand inside, put there penis through the hole and any one of the Horney wives may decide to suck and enjoy a facial or mouthful of jizz, not knowing who is inside the cubicle. This I think would be very exciting.

Any in the CBd area Cape Town?

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