Bottom cd looking for top

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From as long as i can remember, i have been turned on by wearing panties and other types of lingerie. It started when i was still in school and i would secretly wear my sisters panties. Who knows, maybe i was a girl in a previous life.

Over the years i have had some m2m encounters (kissing, wanking, oral with condom) but curious about getting penetrated, to feel a guy inside me.

When looking at porn, a girl in lingerie walking into a room, they guy’s eyes on her, makes me wish i could be the girl. Walking over to him, kissing him, his buldge in his underwear pushing against her panties. Her hand rubbing him, taking him in her hand, playing with him. Kneeling, pulling his underwear down and taking him into her mouth and finally letting him enter her.

If this could be me, i will be wearing tight pink panties….very tight so that my cock (or rather clit?) can be tucked away and stay tucked away to look like a realistic female in panties. Black thigh high stockings and a bra (or sports bra with water filled condoms as boobs).

If you are interested in this, please let me know.

I can meet daytimes at your venue. Im 38, white, 1.8m, 70kg, married and clean.