BELTANE (31 October) Nature Sunrise Sex for Cernunnos

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Beltane is a fire festival celebrating the first signs of Summer, fertility and nature. It's halfway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.

Ideally, this would be a group celebration where lovers would be led astray into the woods at sundown by the mischievous spirits of nature. Men and women would be partake in a chase and reemerge the following dawn after having license to engage in sexual fun in the forest. There would be a dance at dawn to encourage the sun to rise, celebrating the sun and fertility.

As much I would love to organise an event of this nature, I need a lot more time to meet like minded souls who would appreciate this ancient custom and participate with the right intentions.

For now, I would like to celebrate Beltane in my own way with a one on one encounter. I would like to dedicate our celebration to Cernunnos, the Celtic God of Nature.

As this is a spiritual celebration.... this calls for a very specific type of man.

You represent Cenunnos, God of the forest, animals, and fertility.

I need a confident man who knows what he’s doing and isn’t shy or easily intimidated.

Cernunnos looks healthy and is very fit. He has stamina, strength and virility.

We would meet while it's still dark in a natural setting. Ideally, this would be a forest however a vineyard/the mountain/reserve/beach or even in your garden will set a good scene. Our bodies would come together in the dark while the stars are still visibly shining.
Our dance till daybreak will be our union of pleasure.

It could start with playful exploration as masculine energy unites with feminine energy. We take our time to enjoy and appreciate the differences between us but the beautiful way we compliment our sexualities. We savour the small things and build up to passionate and primal fucking as the sun peaks his head over the horizon. As the light touches the landscape, our orgasmic rushes after carnal pleasures will be met the warmth of the sun.

You would rock my world if you dressed like the forest god. Cernunnos is natural and lives in the forest. He doesn't shop, he creates from nature.