Pumping Poker night

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We are toying with an idea for a play date with a interesting twist and would like to get some feedback on this.
We want to Organise a poker night for 6-8 [removed] in for the 1st hand can be say R150 each and R50 per hand there after.The winner of the hand will then have 10min to do with my wife as he pleases,within reason offcoarse.The buy in ktty will be split between the winner of each hand and the lady,just incase they come up with strange requests for her to do then its a bit of an incentive for her aswell.The more hands played the better the chances for all to enjoy her.
Pls give us feedback on thoughts,ideas of what can be added,additional rules etc
White guys and even cpls or girls interested in joining in can drop us a mssg.
PS: Find attached a few pics of the prize lol.