Ultimate fantasy

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Im standing in your bathroom, naked and nervous, knowing im minutes away of making my lifelong fantasy a reality.

I reach into my bag and take out the pair of thigh high stockings, sit on the side of the bath and put them on.

Next is the lace bra which I struggle to get on, but eventually do. From there its the panties/thong, a size to small to keep my cock, or my clit as you refer to it, controlled. I tuck it away and put on the panties, now looking like a girl.

I look at myself in the mirror as I put the dark red lipstick on and finishes it off with a wiff of girly smelling perfume.

Here goes, as I nervously head out into the corridor, on my way to you, not knowing what to expect.

I walk sensually, femininely like the videos I have been watching. Shoulders back, gentle swaying my hips, into the bedroom where you wait for me on the side of the bed.

Standing in the doorway, my manhood tucked away, feeling like a real girl. You get up, slowly walk towards me, making my heart beat faster, knowing whats about to happen. You stand in front of me, your buldging package against my panties as you start kissing and touching me, feeling your stubble against my smooth face. The wall behind my back, feeling your manly cock getting harder against my limp one, your hands on my ass pulling me closer towards you.

My hand goes down into you underwear as I take you in my hand, feeling its hardness. Slowly I go on my knees, gently pull your underwear down and take you in my mouth. My hands on your legs, your cock in my mouth as I start sucking you and you eventually moving in and out of my mouth, my eyes closed, hearing you getting ready to climax and then shoot your load in my mouth.

Or alternatively leading me to the bed, getting on top of me and slowly penetrating me.

I’m a married white guy and looking for a guy with a daytime venue to make my fantasy a reality.

If you are interested and serious, please let me know. Im 39, 1.8m, 70kg, clean and disease free.