Wife's Fantasy To Be Done

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As we all have fantasies, my wife shared one of her fantasies with me.
Her fantasy is that I should find a lady and have sexy naughty chats with, and this must all be done in secret..... and if there is a spark or attraction between me and the 'mistress' we should meet up and I need to provide the 'mistress' with absolute mind blowing pleasure and completely satisfy her.
All this needs to be done without the knowledge of my wife. And only after I have completed my task she wants me to come clean and tell her about the naughty sexy chats and how I fucked and pleased another woman without her knowing or being any wiser.
Should I be caught out by her then it's game over!!!

The thrill for her is the fact that I am able to keep it from her somehow and hearing how naughty I have been without her knowledge.

If there are any ladies that might be interested in assisting me in completing this fantask please drop me a message.
Ideal candidate to be average/slim in bodyshape, have a naughty kinky personality and not over the age of 45.