A review required I suppose

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A review required I suppose. After find our feet, we have established what works for us and what not. She likes them horny and able. She is a perfect fit for the age-old MILF description. Threesomes and more is what we enjoy. He loves watching and partaking while she enjoys all the thrills associated with having something new finding its way into her. She loves playing and tasting a new cock every now and again. We dont particularly like the complicated arrangement aspects, we enjoy the spur of the moment. So if your situation is such that you need to arrange a getaway from your usual day-to-day world a week in advance with a zillion [removed]s in between, we respect that, but it will kill the enjoyment for us. When we find ourselves with a rare moment of time to relax on a Friday or Saturday evening, we might just opt to invite someone over for a beer or meet them at a restaurant for a drink and then head back home for the anticipated [removed] in that moment of naughtyness and an atmosphere filled with desire all the while having the scent of sex hanging around, we are in our own little happy place.Her age preference lies to the younger end of the spectrum, where guys are horny as hell, have staying power, and where she can enjoy a few rounds of attention at a time.The lingering kiss of woman excites her as well. She prefers brunettes, and petite. When the opportunity arise he will probably partake, but limit his participation to her, and allow her and the new best friend to explore the realms of bi-sexuality. She will be most pleased with an equally novice girl, or someone who would love to get comfortable with her lack of experience but very exiting fantasy.If you are comfortable with the prospect of joining a couple, and fit the description, please make contact.