Next Gang bang

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Are you man enough to join others to fuck me? Can you handle my craving to be satisfied by as many men as possible? I want my cunt and ass filled and stretched. I want to go for min 24 hours with cock after cock finding my wet, juicy pussy, with cock after cock stretching my ass and my mouth getting the next one ready. I want to be covered in cum from head to toes, I want to feel my needs being fulfilled time and time again.

Date will be decided, and venue arranged. Contact me to add you to our WA group of cocks wanting to fuck for 24 hours and any questions will be answered on the group. Can't wait!!!

Read my profile...... there is more than just a teaser on there. WA me, if you are not chicken. Only men can please me, and I want as many as possible. Women are welcome to attend the event, only as spectators.