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If you are looking for a place to come party with other like minded genuine adults then Trio Swingers Club is for you. It is a dedicated club and only open for events once a week. It is built from the ground up as a sole purpose swingers club. 

Situated in Pinetown and we host parties weekly. All genuine swingers are welcome.

The rules laid out internationally have very strict guidelines which we 100% uphold. 

The most common question is what if we run into someone we know at the club.........well easy answer, they wont say a word else they have to explain why they were there.

Profile Registrations & Bookings are done on our site as listed above.

NO is NO at all times and Ladies rule. No comments on members are allowed and of course drug use has no place in the lifestyle, especially within our 4 walls. Those who partake please do so outside our premises as being caught will get you banned for life.

Computerised Electronic Dancefloor & Dj, Club Lounge Area, Indoor heated pool, Aircon Pvt rooms, Sex swing and Tantra chairs Etc, Pvt Secure parking

We really hope you will trust us to give you a safe secure environment to live out your fantasies.


Club Trio

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